Thursday, September 9, 2010



There's only about 2 weeks of summer left until it is officially fall. However, Seattle has already begun to embrace the fall weather but I don't mind it. I'm excited for this next season. I have a big post coming up next with some fall goodies I found on my thrifting adventure this past Monday. But before I jump ahead of myself I wanted to do one last farewell post to summer. These are photo's I've collected over the past month and I've finally come around to posting them. The outfit above was one of my favorite summer choices this year. The jacket, hat and shoes are all thrifted while the blouse and shirt are items I scored in the sale section at Urban Outfitters for $10! The kitty brooch is a gem I found at the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle. It even has a little bell that rings when I walk. Even though summer seemed to come and go within seconds I really enjoyed myself and feel satisfied enough to welcome in the next season.












Day trip to Olympia, WA:






We were amused by their 'produce happy hour' special. I wish more grocery stores would catch on to this idea!






One of my favorite pass times this summer (actually all the time)-eating cheese!
My mom and I have been spoiling ourselves with yummy cheese and champagne all summer. In the picture above starting from the left in the back is a goat gouda, to the right is San Andreas Bellwether and the middle one is a Valezan Beaufort


The Darling Era said...

So lovely. Looks like you're really enjoying yourself. I'm just anxiously awaiting some warm weather in SF.

Clara said...

you have amazing pics!!!
i love yourr bikini!!

Jasmine said...

these photos look like stills from a movie! i love your outfit--the colors are so wonderful together! can't wait to see your fall wardrobe!

Mitzi Cocoa said...

My friend, one set-back that Canada has is our 200% liquor tax. I nearly lost my mind when I was in Oregon and bought peach champagne at a convenience store for $6. Almost went looloo.

That's so exciting about you moving, though!!! I actually just moved to Vancouver Island because I go to the University of Victoria but I am back on the mainland and in Vancouver as much as possible.

E-mail me so we can exchange numbers when you get here - or even before! :]

P.S. That peach blazer is exquisite. Not unlike $6 peach champagne.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely swimsuit!

Mel said...

Ahh that calico cat is so adorable! Love your peach colored items, especially mixed with blue!

Meggstatus said...

I love love love this. You look like you're having such a great time up in Seattle!

Oh and that picture of the puppy coming out of the water is priceless.


Kirstin said...

I love how you can give outfits so much more depth with the addition of an intricate little trinket like your kitty brooch!
I love your animal pictures. They have such character!

Severine. said...

I like your munchy and cat photos, theyre your signature style photos I would say, lovely outing shots !

cherie said...

love the hat! ^^

all of your photos are simply great! the dog`s supercute btw!


Nicola said...

Those cats are beautiful. :) And I actually adore your outfit, the jacket is beautiful.

Emily, Ruby Slipper Traveller said...

My but you seem to have so many delicious food events in your calendar! I also love your outfit, the pale pink/coral shades are lovely on you. And the cats, gaah!

April said...

Mmm, champagne and cheese.
Lovely summer photos! I wish more grocery stores would do a produce happy hour. That'd be killer!

Bryce said...

I really love the colors of this outfit. And that tree house...

Clare said...

I love these photo-heavy posts! Looks like you've been having a wonderful late summer.

Dorothy Souhuwat said...

simple style but i like your colorfull dress.

wanna add my link in your blogroll??tell me when u did it..i will link urs too

jess said...

I love the colors in your outfit.

celita said...

lovely colours in your look!!

Lydia said...

Oh man! Such an amazing post! The palette is so pretty, I'm very jealous of that blazer! Same goes for the bathing suit.

As for all the lovely furry friends, also very jealous. I love a cute kitty! Oh and yum yum yum cheese. Basically I like everything about this! I have been reading your blog, but don't think I commented until today. I look forward to more posts!

Athena. said...

These are such wonderful and nostalgic photographs. The tones are so soft and make me want to curl up in bed for days on end, just remembering of lovely times. But I am also left with this distinct craving for fresh bread.
Love, Athena. xxx

Miss T said...

beautiful :).

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Ashley said...

Every time I visit your blog, I am smitten! It's like I've fallen "like" at first sight on your outfit! :)

Breathtaking photos as well! I hope you're well, sweety!

Take care!

Mamushka Marie said...

loove all the photos! & you ensemble is divine...adore the colors

Kasia W. said...

those pics look really great!;)

Jeniffer said...


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solene MeSt said...

amazing i like your blogspot
good job

Noonton and Cocobean said...

Such cute cats :-)
I am 100% with you on the cheese love/need in life!
I too am a MASSIVE cheese fan I'm currently making a list of good little cheese shops that I have visited in the UK.
Hope your well xxxx

Lulu and the Locket said...

your photos are just so sublime, I am a HUGE fan of cheese HUGE! xx