Monday, May 31, 2010


This weeks Mad Hatter edition is dedicated to an etsy artist/shop I stumbled upon awhile ago:

You can't deny your love for her use of playfulness and humor in her hats. They are both adorable and a statement piece to be worn. As soon as I dedicate my time to being a hermit and fully giving up my social life to save a few dollars (the only way to in San Francisco) my first purchase will be that deer piece!

Saturday, May 29, 2010



It's become a weekly tradition now between two of my good friends and I; where we trade off getting together at either one's place to rant about our lives, watch movies, snack on cheese and other goodies. This week I hosted. I love being able to throw together a little party, even if the guest list only reads two people. I get a kick out of putting together food dishes and it's nice to be able to enjoy good company amongst good food. I have to give all the credit to my Mom for showing me how to be a good host (Thanks Mom!). Whenever we had company over my Mom always made sure the house looked its best and the food was at its best. When I was young I would take mental notes as I watched my Mom prepare the house for company and I still use what I learned today.

P.S. new haircut courtesy of Vidal Sassoon

Monday, May 24, 2010


There's nothing I adore more than a beautiful hat. I think the appreciation for millinery work has gone missing and unnoted over the last few years. There's something absolutely special and unique about hats. They say shoes complete the outfit but for me, it's hats! Honestly though, when I travel I pack more hats than shoes. They are a piece of art to me and to show my appreciation and love for them I present the first weekly "Mad-Hatter" Monday. Basically it's a post dedicated to those lovely hats from the past.

Sunday, May 23, 2010


Yesterday's Attire:

San Francisco weather can be very deceiving. Anyone from here will tell you that you should always leave the house prepared for any sort of weather conditions. One block could be warm and sunny while the next is windy and cold. You'd think by now I would have learned my lesson but that wasn't the case yesterday. I saw the sun shining through my windows and immediately gravitated towards a pair of peach trousers, light blouse and sun hat, expecting summer to be waiting for me outside. Instead, it was cold and the wind was blowing so hard I literally thought I was going to go flying with it. Anyway, a friend of mine recently gave me their tempur-pedic mat for their bed (they're moving to LA and couldn't bring it with them) so as soon as I got home I snuggled up in my bed and drifted in and out of 10 minute naps for the next few hours. Having that thing has made it very difficult to get out of bed. Finally, feeling guilty of wasting my day-off in bed, I headed downtown to try and amuse myself with a little bit of shopping. Another lesson I haven't learned-don't go downtown on a Saturday. But I can't say the trip wasn't worth it, I ended up leaving with a pair of pants from H&M and a $10 blouse on sale from Urban Outfitters. Later that night I met up with friends went to a private birthday party at a friend's gallery. It was a pleasant and enjoyable weekend and I'm hopeful for what's to come in the future. The last couple of months have been very uneventful and dull and I'm ready for some excitement to enter into my life again.

Sunday's Attire:

Pants purchased from H&M
they are unbelievably comfortable

kitty brooch purchased on

vintage "mirror" ring I found at the flea market

view from my apartment window