Monday, May 31, 2010


This weeks Mad Hatter edition is dedicated to an etsy artist/shop I stumbled upon awhile ago:

You can't deny your love for her use of playfulness and humor in her hats. They are both adorable and a statement piece to be worn. As soon as I dedicate my time to being a hermit and fully giving up my social life to save a few dollars (the only way to in San Francisco) my first purchase will be that deer piece!


Margaret said...

Those pieces are so cute!
My favorite has got to be the ship one. It's pretty genius. :)

Riza said...

Those hair things are so freaken cute!!! I love Etsy!!!!

Arielle said...

I know I was so excited when I came across this. I love how clever and unique these hats are.

Bruklyn Belle said...

Thanks so much sweetheart :) I'm loving yours as well! These hats are my favorite! I have been so obsessed with them. Plus, I think the first model is so perfect for them. She adds to the whimsical feel and is just adorable.