Monday, July 5, 2010


Mad Hatter Monday


Lisa said...

Wow some of these hats are so unusual..I want!

Diana said...

these photos are just magical! I so like this elegance !

casey said...

These are gorgeous!

♥ Casey
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Queen D said...

love this post!!
so classic
and classic neger goes wrong

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hug and kiss^^

Paige Baker said...

These are all so wonderful! What a great and unique blog you have!

avalonne lou summers said...

These women are so gorgeous and their hats are stunning! I love the wide legged pants! Have you had a chance to wear those amazing wide legged pants yet? I'm sad that you're leaving :( Let's hang out soon!!!

Kelly Lauren said...

Ahhhhh, swoooon! There's just something about those decades that just.. well, it's not alive anymore. Thanks for sharing.

also - yes yes to kitty funny and silly and odd things!

Arielle said...

Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment! I think this is my favorite 'mad hatter' post so far. Each picture I found was better than the next! But I'm sure the 1940's will be just as amazing.

hannah and landon said...

oh gosh, I want them all but the carrot one really takes the cake! Such excellent finds!

(ps. I really, really enjoy your blog! It is a new favourite for me!)