Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I'm on my last week in Seattle and I have to say it's been amazing so far. I'm originally from here so it's been nice to reunite with old friends and see my family. I've already purchased 3 hats since I've been here! Once including a vintage Oscar De La Renta hat for only $30! Also, a vintage 1960's coat and a cute, light teal blouse. I'm hoping to take photographs of all these gems today. It's raining outside (surpised?) so I've decided that today is relax/catch up on my blog day! I'm planning on going to Portland this Friday for the day and I can only imagine all the goodies I'm going to come back with. I've been sure to keep an eye out for good thing to collect for my future etsy shop. This is just a small post but I have a big one coming up later today, so expect a heavy picture post next!


Kim said...

What beautiful hats, i can't wait to see your next post .x.x.

MarieBayArea said...

you and the other ladies look brilliant.